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Hotmail / MSN / Windows Live Mail

To ensure messages from specific e-mail addresses are not sent to your Junk E-Mail folder, you can add them to your Safe List.


  1. From your Hotmail Inbox, click Options and then go to the More Options page.

  2. Under Junk E-Mail Protection Click Safe and blocked senders

  3. Click Safe Senders.

  4. Type and then click Add.

  5. Type and then click Add.

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Yahoo! Mail

  1. Follow the Mail (TAB) Options link in Yahoo! Mail (then click on Mail options or More Options).

  2. Select Filters.

  3. Click Add Filter.

  4. Give the filter an appropriate name under Filter Name.

  5. In the Sender line choose "contains", then type:

  6. In the Move to Folder: field, choose "Inbox" or any other folder you want to receive your JBuddy emails in.

  7. Click Add Filter.

  8. Add another filter but this time in the sender line "contains" type:

If you find that a JBuddy email is already in your Bulk Mail folder, simply open the email and click on the Not Spam button at the top to move it to your Inbox.

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  1. Go to keyword: Mail Controls.

  2. Select the screen name we're sending US OEM Partner Center newsletter to.

  3. Click Customize Mail Controls For This Screen Name.

AOL Version 9.0

  1. Open a US OEM Partner Center newsletter.

  2. Click the Add Address button (on the right) to add to your "People I Know" list or address book.